puzzle-pieceVisionary Information Solutions (VIS) is the premier information management consultancy to the information executive suite leading change for law firms and corporate counsel by optimizing the value of information and knowledge operations.

Our proprietary processes and unmatched industry expertise in information management services–from assessment, to procurement, change management and deployment–assist organizations in acquiring, developing and maintaining the key business intelligence tools required to gain advantage and stay ahead of the curve in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


VIS’ consultants deliver unmatched, industry-wide depth and experience in the information services space. Our 30,000 foot view; your concrete advantage.

Superior Legal Project Management

Superior project management assures your project stays on track, on time and on budget.  We are a results-driven team, ensuring your project hits every milestone and ends as planned (No Time Extensions! No Scope Creep!). Our proven project management model guarantees an effectively and efficiently executed operating plan that cuts costs, with an eye towards lasting, long term results. 

Committed to Excellence and the Future

The VIS team has cultivated its industry-leading expertise over half a century of combined experience in information services.   That is the how and the why of our leadership as well as our demonstrable, long term commitment to advancing leading edge information management services forward into the future.

Customer Value Guarantee

We have earned our impeccable reputation as the industry-leading consultancy in the information management space in each relationship through the span of each engagement. That is why we know at the end of your organization’s engagement with VIS, your organization will be better prepared to deploy information strategies, deliver the right information to users in the right way, at the right price, and at the right time.  We guarantee it.